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George Town Students: Love Yourself – Meditate

Sun, Jan 23 (10:00am - 11:00am)


About the Workshop

2 workshops are scheduled for your convenience. On Saturday: 22nd January and 29th January- 10 AM each. Join either or both. No prior meditation experience needed.


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Guided Meditation: 40 minutes

  • Self discovery, healing and development through inner energy awakening.
  • Loving self by getting balanced and enjoying moments.

Love yourself-free meditate workshop by experienced meditation practitioners for gentle awakening of inner energy that heals us, brings peace and sets up on path on humanity’s oldest challenge and pursuit- self discovery and finding our own identity. Self development follows as you discover your own powers to modify your behavior and help others.

Round table discussion: 20 minutes

The journey of self discovery leads on path to becoming universal personality which is beyond race, religion etc. A global round table discussion will follow guided meditation to top up your takeaways from the session . The roundtable is based on theme ‘securing our identity and being ready for global corporate world’. This will be led by experienced global corporate professionals who also practice Sahaja Yoga meditation.

How to join?


We recommend joining by laptop for better experience.

You can join up to 15 minutes before start of event if you have some queries or would like some one to one help before meditation session starts.

Any follow up to the workshop?

Basic meditation techniques will be shared in the workshop that we will also practice in the session. If you like to continue group meditation practice more resources will be shared. Basic resources covered in following.


Who is conducting this workshop?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is practiced in more than 100 countries that has benefited millions and is always free. Find more testimonials but educators and students below.

Please feel free to email or WhatsApp following in case you have more questions or face difficulties joining Zoom session.



About Knowledge of our roots

I was really very happy to learn that Sussex University Sahaja Yoga centre has been very kind to invite me to speak to them. It’s such a pleasure to talk to the students because they are the ones who have always been, in any country, been responsible for any new step, whether it was political, economic or social, which was to be taken boldly. Students are the people who have their idealism intact still and when they are studying, they don’t get biased easily. They keep their minds open to every knowledge because they are new to it, but those who become experts can become very biased, very conditioned by what they read or they think to be right. But, the students can also be very much vulnerable, because they do not know whether whatever new comes to them is the truth or some sort of falsehood. So, at this life, when you are a student, you have to be very careful to understand that if you have to seek the truth, you have to be alert about it.

First and foremost thing as students we enter into university. It’s a beautiful name ‘University’ meaning that you get all the knowledge of the universe and when you enter into university, you come with an open mind and with an understanding that whatever you have to learn in the way of a student, you are not the teacher and that humility always helps the students to learn about anything they want to know about any part of their knowledge. Now what you learn in the university is the knowledge of the tree. Knowledge that you can perceive and understand through your mental activity, but what I’m going to tell you about today is the knowledge of the roots.

Roots of the tree, from where the whole knowledge comes

-Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (founder- Sahaja Yoga Meditation, 25th May, 1983, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)

Stay safe and keep meditating!

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Sunday, Jan 23

10:00am - 11:00am  
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