26 Monday

Health, Health, Health, and Succession Planning for Founders

Mon, Sep 26 (8:30am - 1:00pm)UTC+8
Resource Centre, MRANTI Park


Being a startup founder, you carry significantly heavier responsibility for the company’s success or failure and are responsible for the employee’s work culture, safety, and well-being. And whilst focusing on all of this is important, many forget about their own health in the process.

Recognizing the challenges that startup founders face, through this event, we aim to increase health awareness within the founders’ community and to help them navigate health issues while growing their companies. Be it physical or mental, health awareness is extremely important for startup teams and their founders, as no one needs to have a burnout that results from an unhealthy work-life balance.

“The enigmatic double face of work: from it we draw satisfaction, creativity, and a life of prosperity. But it can also make us ill.” – Joachim Bauer, German Neurobiologist.


08:30 am      Arrival, Registration, and Breakfast
09:00 am      Welcome Remarks by MRANTI & NEF
09:30 am      Panel Session #1
10:30 am       Short Break and Speech by The Hive Southeast Asia
11:00 am        Panel Session #2
12:00 pm       Panel Session #3
01:00 pm       Lunch and NEF Health Event Ends

*For more detailed information on panel sessions, click here

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Monday, Sep 26

8:30am - 1:00pm  UTC+8

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