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How the Body Holds Trauma and Chronic Stress Creating Blocks to Change

Fri, Sep 15 (1:00am - 3:00am)Asia/Singapore


In this workshop you’ll learn the key structures involved in trauma patterns within the body and why we can end up feelings so stuck in life and unable to change certain thinking and behavioural patterns.


Tension patterns start in the nervous system but certainly don’t end there. Repeated stress & trauma will cause muscles to tense and shorten over long periods of time, or weaken and become flaccid. This will then develop a particular posture & behavioural pattern that will include beliefs about self and the world…eventually concluding with a fixed identify, for example, “I’m such a negative person” “I’ve always been anxious”


The structures we’ll be taking a deep dive into are:

  • the facia
  • the diaphragm
  • the psoas muscle


These structures hold tension patterns of trauma & chronic stress and can perpetuate poor posture, stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, digestion, fertility and weight.


The great news is that tension can be release from these structures and strength can be increased. Getting to know these parts of the body more and learning how to befriend and work them will:

  • help you back into the flow of life
  • unblock unhelpful patterns
  • step into new behaviours and beliefs
  • feel freer within your body
  • feel more connected to self and others


Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • Learn how fascia is essential to health and wellbeing – it’s role, function and how tension patterns are created.
  • Learn how tension builds within the diaphragm and how this keeps us stuck, and can lead to poor mental & physical health
  • Learn how the psoas muscle perpetuates stress


Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • Everyone who is invested in their mental and physical health and that of others. Practitioners will develop another dimension to their work


How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • Learning how the body perpetuates stress and trauma responses will support your clients to develop body awareness


Kate is running a 30 hour Parts Advanced Certificate with Temenos, online, via Zoom from Sept – Dec 2023. Click here to find out more.


Kate is running a collection of parts work workshops which can be made into a Foundation Certificate with Temenos. Find out more here:-

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This workshop will be recorded and you can use the ticket function to pre-purchase the recording before the event. This will be useful for colleagues who are not able to attend the event live and also for those who attend the event live and want to watch it again.



This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our cameras and microphones to interact with each other as a group.



The self-select fee is a radical inclusion policy to open learning for all colleagues. The guide price for this event is £20.00, however, we appreciate that income varies greatly in different locations and circumstances. Please contribute what you can to help us maintain inclusive professional training.


All the colleagues at ONLINEVENTS and the presenters we collaborate with are committed to working in a manner consistent with the BACP Ethical Framework, which can be accessed on the link below. When registering for this event you are agreeing to be present and interact in a manner that is consistent with this Framework.


Kate Williams

Kate is a BACP Accred. Integrative Counsellor & Trauma Therapist having trained in EMDR and sensorimotor L1 and as a Breath Coach. She also has a keen interest in parts work having studied the Psychology of Selves Model and Voice Dialogue.


Kate runs a busy private practice online and in-person as well as working within the Hertfordshire IAPT service. She manages and tutors at The Bedfordshire Centre for Therapeutic Studies teaching on their L4 and L5 Somatic Trauma Therapy Diploma and Breath Coach Award.


Kate’s background is working as a counsellor in further ed. and still enjoys working with c&yp.

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Friday, Sep 15

1:00am - 3:00am  Asia/Singapore

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