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Resilient Leadership Asia Series – Digitalization & Productivity

Sat, May 28 (1:00pm - 5:30pm)Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
Level 1, Glo Damansara Shopping Mall 699 Jalan Damansara Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 60000


Demystifying the Roadmap to Sustainability for SMEs

About this event

Resilient Leadership Asia Series - Digitalization & Productivity image

Resilient Leadership Asia Series: Digitalization & Productivity

Demystifying the Roadmap to Sustainability for SMEs

Many SMEs and smaller businesses have had to make urgent changes to their teams in the wake of the pandemic.

  1. Teams have to be more productivity-based; meaning teams are remunerated based on productivity, not fixed-wage
  2. With productivity-based organizations, companies need to be digitalized to track progress and monitor work, between a variety of workforce (permanent and outsourced employees)
  3. Leaders & managers need to be more efficient and effective in coaching & leading their employees; where work environments are now either hybrid, virtual or physical


SMEs are challenged with the impending need to DIGITALIZE and become more productive, and while awareness and readiness are great, many are still lacking understanding and clarity about working with the right partners, without burning out themselves.

In the Malaysian landscape, we are not short of vendors and solution providers, but what we REALLY need is to demystify big-hairy-audacious words, into practical next steps, that lead to sustainability and profitability, in the near future.



Drawing insights from entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry, Resilient Leadership Asia brings you the roadmap to business sustainability with digitalization and productivity, enriching the knowledge to get you ahead of the rest!


See you on the 28th of May in person!

Resilient Leadership Asia Series - Digitalization & Productivity image

This Resilient Leadership Asia is suitable for:

  • CEO, Entrepreneurs, Leaders
  • Human Resource Directors and Managers
  • Business owners, SMEs


Event Venue:


Level 1, Glo Damansara Shopping Mall,

699, Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

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Additional Info

Who Can Attend?

1. Only those who have been fully vaccinated and “Low-Risk No Symptoms” status on MySejahtera will be allowed to attend. Attendees need to show their evidence (digital certification vaccination).

2. Full vaccination requires that a person has received 2 doses of Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Sinovac vaccine and completed 14 days from the date of second dose or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson/Casino vaccine and completed 28 days from the date of vaccination.

3. Please arrive early to facilitate the verification process.

4. All attendees MUST wear a face mask throughout the event, and practice social distancing (stand 1 meter apart).

5. All attendees MUST perform self-tests 24 hours before the event and complete the declaration form.

Who Cannot Attend?

1. Those who are unwell or have symptoms of infections such as cough, fever, or flu.

2. Those who are ordered to undergo 7 days home quarantine at their own homes.

3. Those who haven’t completed14 days from the date of the second dose of Pfizer/AstraZeneca/Sinovac vaccine or haven’t completed 28 days from the date of vaccination for 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson/Casino vaccine.

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Saturday, May 28

1:00pm - 5:30pm  Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

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