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Virtual FinTech Fair

Tue, Aug 4 | 9:00am - 11:30am (GMT +8) 


Finstep Asia Limited and Novsphere Media Limited are jointly organize Virtual Fintech Fair (VFF) 2020.

With the COVID19 crisis leading to all events globally being suspended, postponed, or cancelled, many companies are looking for an opportunity to showcase their services and products to potential clients internationally. Through a Virtual Fair, the companies will be able to not only showcase their services, but also get an opportunity to consider expanding their business to without having the constraints of travel due to global restrictions.

The Virtual Fintech Fair will be an interactive and exclusively online event showcasing Fintech companies and conference, held through a reputed vendor. The event will be showcasing 100+ Fintech companies from across Asia and hosting 3000+ delegates for thought leadership sessions by top speakers from across the world. Find out more here:

首届亚洲在线金融科技展览会 – Virtual FinTech Fair (VFF)是汇聚亚洲各地金融机构,科技公司,创新者,投资者,行业领袖的线上平台。届时将会有超过50家来自世界各地的参展商线上向3000多为参会嘉宾展示颠覆性的创新技术及其实用案列。 这次峰会也会邀请多位金融科技领域的专家及思想领袖通过两天的线上会议与参会嘉宾分享最新的行业动态、监管科技、数字银行、人工智能、区块链等话题, 也同时探讨机遇与挑战,以及分享经验教训。参会者可通过实时线上互动工具与行业专家或机构建立联系并与之互动。了解详情:


Event Calendar

Tuesday, Aug 4 - Wednesday, Aug 5

9:00am - 11:30am  
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